Masjid Al-Sahaabah

6005 Chapman Road
Watauga, TX 76148
(817) 605-0863

Iqama Times

Prayer       Time
Fajr       5:15 AM
Zuhur       1:45 PM
Ju'mah       1:30 PM
Asr       6:30 PM
Maghrib       Sunset + 5 minutes
I'sha       10:15 PM

Attached is 2014-July/Ramadan prayer schedule. Click Here

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Ramadan Mubarak - The first day of Ramadan fasting will be on Sunday June 30th.

The first Tarawih prayer will be on Saturday June 29th following I'sha salat @ 10:15

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Phone: (817) 605-0863
Address: 6005 Chapman Road, Watauga, Texas 76148